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Schreiben am Nordkapp

Nordic Skiing in The Wild

How to Get Around in the North with Public Transportation

Before Reality TV: Grobbelaar's 71 degrees North to Anfield Road

Northern Lights – Around the Clock

The End of the Toll Booth to Magerøya/North Cape



Travelling Tips

A few tips regarding getting around in Magerøya, the island with North Cape and Honningsvåg. The bus from Helsinki/Oulu/Rovaniemi in Finland to North Cape.

Advices Along the Way to North Cape

Information about the road between Steinkjer (Oslo) and North Cape (Arctic Fjord Road)

Information about the road between Piteå (Stockholm/Gothenburg) and North Cape (Midnight Sun Road)

Information about the road between Rovaniemi (Helsinki) and North Cape (Santa's Road)

Information about the cruise destinations along the Norwegian coast

Rental Cars in Honningsvåg (Nordkapp)

It is possible to rent a car for as short period as four hrs in Honningsvåg/Nordkapp.

Nordkapp Bilservice AS
Postboks 324
Tel : +47 78 47 60 60
Fax : +47 78 47 60 69

AVIS Honningsvåg
Nordkappveien 14B/Honningsvåg Lufthavn Valan
Pob 4,
Tel: +47 78 47 62 22

Eskelisen Lapin Linjat - The Bus Between Helsinki and North Cape

An excellent way for travelling to Nordkapp (and the bird safari in Gjesvær) with starting point in Helsinki. The bus stops in Jyväskylä, Oulu, Rovaniemi, Ivalo and other places along the road.

The End of the Toll Booth to Magerøya/North Cape

In the current situation, the undersea tunnel to Magerøya is fully financed on June 30th, 2012. There will be no toll fee beginning July 1st. The general manager at Nordkapp Bompengeselskap AS, Mr. Werner Hansen, says that the increase in traffic has accelerated the payment schedule with two years. Fatima history, facts and winter garage door...




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