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Travelling Tips between Nordkapp and Piteå


The road between Piteå and Nordkapp was named Midnattsvägen (Midnight Sun Road) many years ago. It is the road less traveled. From the south you can either follow Inlandsvägen E45 which starts in Gothenburg or E4 which passes through Stockholm.

Inlandsvägen is the longest road in Sweden. The road between Gothenburg and Karesuando is 1690 km. It runs along Inlandsbanan most of the distance. Inlandsbanan is a railroad track between Kristinehamn and Gällivare. Inlandsvägen connects with the Midnight Sun Road at Jokkmokk. Inlandsvägen goes through the splendors of the Swedish forest.

When driving along E4 you'll get to Piteå where you can start driving the Midnight Sun Road. It is adviseable to leave E4 at Piteå if you want to experience the majestic waterall at Storforsen which is 90 km from Piteå. Along E45 you have the eastern coast of Sweden including the capital Stockholm with all its attractions.

The Midnight Sun Road starts in Piteå and ends up at Nordkapp. It has a detour to Kiruna. It also forks into two different parts between north of Kautokeino and Olderfjord. One part goes via Alta and Skaidi, the other goes to Karasjok and Lakselv.

In a series of blog post you will below find links to different diamonds along the way. The first block is dedicated to the Nordkapp area. The second block is covering what is between Nordkapp and the Finnish border. The third block are the gems in Finland and Sweden north of Piteå.

Here Is a List of Blog Post from Nordkapp to Piteå

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Piteå – The Arctic Riviera

Midnight Sun Road

The road between Piteå and Stockholm

For many travelers to North Cape the Swedish capital Stockholm is a natural starting point. E4 is in many ways tha fast lane up and down to the Arctic Circle. Along the way you can stop in Sundsvall, Umeå and Skellefteå.

The road between Piteå and Gothenburg

The E45 starting in Gothenburg. Gothenburg is a hub for ferries to continental Europe. Inlandsvägen has been renovated extensively the last couple of decades and is a very interesting alternatives for traveling. Some of the highligths along the way are Kristinehamn, Mora, Östersund, Dorotea, Arvidsjaur and the Midnight Sun Road connecting in Jokkmokk.



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