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Schreiben am Nordkapp

Nordic Skiing in The Wild

How to Get Around in the North with Public Transportation

Before Reality TV: Grobbelaar's 71 degrees North to Anfield Road

Northern Lights – Around the Clock

The End of the Toll Booth to Magerøya/North Cape



Schreiben am Nordkap

Sie wollen ans Nordkap und sich von der kargen, unendlich weiten Landschaft der Insel Magerøya inspirieren lassen. Sie möchten töpfern mit Worten und interessante Menschen kennenlernen, mit denen Sie gemütlich bei Kaffee und Cognac über das Schreiben und die Sprache, das Leben und die Welt diskutieren können.

Dann sind Sie richtig bei Schreiben am Nordkap. Wir bieten im Mai und September einwöchige Schreibkurse an, in denen wir mit Worten spielen, clustern, Plots kreieren, Settings setzen und natürlich schreiben, schreiben und nochmals schreiben.

(Writing at the North Cape)

You wish to visit the North Cape and let yourself be inspired by the barren, expansive scenery of the Magerøya Island.… You would like to play with words, get to know interesting people, and discuss the use of language and writing with them over a nice coffee or glass of cognac.

Then Writing at the North Cape is for you! We will be holding one week courses in May and September. They will provide the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the creative use of language, to devise plots, to experiment with words and poems, and of course to write, write and write some more. Several excursions will be included in the course: a guided tour to the North Cape, the visit of the world’s most northern fishing village and its Christmas house, a wonderful outing to the best sightseeing spots around Gjesvær, and a visit to a gallery.

The courses will be held in German

Transit of Venus 2012

Every now and then we experience a Solar Eclipse, when the Moon is passing and covering the Sun. A more infrequent celestial moment occurs when the planet Venus passes just in front of the Sun. The last time this happened was on June 8th 2004.

If you miss the event on June 6th, 2012 you will have to wait 105 years for the next opportunity.

An Official Extraordinary Nature Phenomenon – Seabirds In Gjesvær/Nordkapp

There are three reasons that make BirdSafari a/s possibly the best place for you to watch many different European seabirds in large numbers:

  • The ocean currents and the water temperature make the area in the county of Finnmark a good place for fry, capelin and other small fish. Therefore, a great place for the birds to find food for their chicks.
  • The Midnight Sun, north of the Arctic Circle: The birds can feed their chicks 24 hours every day. The faster the offspring can defend itself, the better.
  • The bird rocks are only 5 – 10 minutes from Gjesvær, a small fishing village. BirdSafari a/s has made the nature reserve available for you - rain or shine - since 1992.

Welcome to an unforgettable nature experience...


Knivskjelodden - The Secret Of The North

Knivskjelodden is the real northernmost point in Europe.

Hiking tour - NOK 800

We will head out for an all-day (7 – 8 hrs, 18km) hike into the wilderness of the northern part of Magerøy Island. The track starts from the parking place at E69, ca. 7 km before the North Cape plateau. Parking lot is also meeting point with our guide. We will provide a small snacks for every participant.

Our destination is Knivskjelodden (71°11'08”) – the real northernmost point of Europe...


Nordic Skiing in the Wild

This is your opportunity to learn about the winter in the outdoors among new friends and wildlife.

A few enlightning days outdoors




North Cape








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