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Schreiben am Nordkapp

Nordic Skiing in The Wild

How to Get Around in the North with Public Transportation

Before Reality TV: Grobbelaar's 71 degrees North to Anfield Road

Northern Lights – Around the Clock

The End of the Toll Booth to Magerøya/North Cape



The Diamond Sky of Europe

The land of the Midnight Sun and the Northern Lights. The land of the colorful twilight spring and autumn. Here are some enlightning stories:

The Puffin – The Embodiment of the Northern Character

A fighter and a survivor, the puffin breeds along the coast of Northern Norway in large numbers. With its characteristic features and demeanors it is a popular seabird. The feathers are black and white, the beak large and colorful, and the feet orange-red...

Northern Lights – Around the Clock

Possibly the most spectacular fireworks, the northern light baffles the lucky visitor. Perhaps an everyday thing among northerners, the Aurora Borealis sometimes even impresses the local people. It is also an important source of myth and folklore...

Premier Fishing Ground of the World

There is a reason for why the call cowboys for boys and fishermen for men. The lone fishermen along the coast of northern Norway are carrying the professional torch of hunters, trappers and fishermen dating back to ancient times. With pride they leave port almost every day to catch fish in one of the top fishing grounds of the world...

An Official Extraordinary Nature Phenomenon – Seabirds in Gjesvær/Nordkapp

There are three reasons that make BirdSafari a/s possibly the best place for you to watch many different European seabirds in large numbers...

The Loss of Grazing Land for the Reindeer

Since 1940, piece by piece, the reindeer have lesser places to graze.  The scenario is that an additional 21 000 km2 (the equivalent of 2/3 of Finnmark) will be lost in the Barents region by 2030...

The Artic Circle Is on the Move

Due to wave motion of the Arctic Circle the line has moved for millions of years as much as 250 km. Between 2006 and 2015 the Arctic Circle is moving north at almost 100 meters per year...

The Export of Eagles to Scotland

In 1980 the population of the White-tailed Eagle was alarmingly low. It had disappeared from several countries where it used to be well-established. In Norway it was still breeding along the coast north of Bergen...

Reindeer Husbandry in the North

5900 Sámi work with reindeer husbandry. With a few exceptions, according to Norwegian law, only Sámi people can be in the business. And you need to inherit the profession from either your parents or grandparents. This is also by and large the case in Sweden...



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