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Premier Fishing Ground of the World

There is a reason for why the call cowboys for boys and fishermen for men. The lone fishermen along the coast of northern Norway are carrying the professional torch of hunters, trappers and fishermen dating back to ancient times. With pride they leave port almost every day to catch fish in one of the top fishing grounds of the world.

The premier commercial fishing grounds of the world are (1) the Pacific coast of the United States and Canada, (2) the Atlantic coast of Canada and the United States, (3) the coast of Japan, and (4) the northwestern coast of Europe.

Why are these areas so bountiful? There are several reasons. The valuable fish are in these areas. There is an abundance of food for the fish in the north Atlantic and north Pacific. Warm and cool ocean currents meet, the temperature in the water is desirable both for the fish and its prey.

The coast line is very often suited to function as harbors. The land is often poor and men naturally turn to the sea for a living.

Northern Norway fit the criteria’s perfectly. The long summer nights and fresh water from the mountainous coast line even enhances the conditions for the fish. Cod, halibut, haddock and other species are caught and exported in great quantities.

Along the coast of Northern Norway there are numerous opportunities to go fishing. Among the most interesting are Repvåg and Gjesvær in the county of Finnmark. Local businesses are ready to provide you with boats and accommodation.

Along the road there are places you can unpack your fishing rod and pull a dinner straight from a fjord or, in particular, a maelstrom. Maelstroms that are renowned for its fishing are Saltstraumen, Straumfjorden, Nordstraumen and Kvalsund.



September 2011


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