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Schreiben am Nordkapp

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An Official Extraordinary Nature Phenomenon – Seabirds in Gjesvær/Nordkapp

There are three reasons that make BirdSafari a/s possibly the best place for you to watch many different European seabirds in large numbers:

  • The ocean currents and the water temperature make the area in the county of Finnmark a good place for fry, capelin and other small fish. Therefore, a great place for the birds to find food for their chicks.
  • The Midnight Sun, north of the Arctic Circle: The birds can feed their chicks 24 hours every day. The faster the offspring can defend itself, the better.
  • The bird rocks are only 5 – 10 minutes from Gjesvær, a small fishing village. BirdSafari a/s has made the nature reserve available for you - rain or shine - since 1992.

Welcome to an unforgettable nature experience.

Daily scheduled departures in 2012:

Period 01.05 - 31.08.2012
Monday - Sunday at 12:45, plus extra departures:

Period 10.06 - 10.08.2012
Monday - Saturday at 10.00, 12.45 and 15.00
Sunday at 12.45 and 15.00



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