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The Arctic Circle Is on the Move

Due to wave motion of the Arctic Circle the line has moved for millions of years as much as 250 km. Between 2006 and 2015 the Arctic Circle is moving north at almost 100 meters per year.

24 Hours of Day and Night

Nordkapp is the northernmost populated area of Europe. It is the beginning of the slice of Europe that is above the Arctic Circle. This area is possibly the most interesting for exploring very unique earthly features in Europe. The Earth rotates and does it tilted looking from the Sun, the area north of the Arctic Circle experiences two extraordinary phenomenons:

  • Being lit 24/7 in the Summer
  • Being in the shade 24/7 in the Winter.




  • If you are at the North Pole you can in theory bathe in the Sun nonstop for more than 182 days. Then you will have a period of less than 180 days when you don’t see the Sun at all.
  • If you are at Nordkapp, some 2093 km from the North Pole, you can do the same for 82 days.
  • At the Arctic Circle you are just touching the phenomenon and the line is moving.



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