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The Northern Lights Currency – NOK 200

Mr. Kristian Birkeland (1867 – 1917) was a Norwegian scientist. At an early age he showed interest and acumen for physics. Birkeland had an inquisitive and innovative mind. He was very interested in magnetism. His knowledge was used for industrial

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The Nuts and Bolts of Aurora Borealis

After spending two days in Rovaniemi it was time to move on E-75 direction North Cape. Many years ago there was a project called the Santa’s Road, we saw signs along the E-75 that testified this. Since E-75 forks towards

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Six Northern Lights Legends of the Arctic

Northern Lights are translated to other words in Arctic Europe. In Russian it is Cеверное Cияние (Sjevjernoye Siyaniye), in Swedish it is Norrsken, and in Norwegian it is Nordlys. All words are literal translations. In Saami, it is Guovssahasat –

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Orthodox Brown Bears and Baby Luck

Along the Santa’s Road to North Cape from Rovaniemi there are a some diamonds outside the main road. One of the topics Angelo and I wanted to cover was churches. In the Nordic countries the churches are for the most

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Unfolding Local Diamonds of the Arctic

A travel blog is very often written by a traveler. This travel blog is written by a local. My name is Rune Bjerkli. As many people in the north, I have personal ties to the whole arctic area. I live

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