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The Grand Canyon of Gällivare

Then we go into the pit, said Mr. Olle Baltzari at Aitik New Boliden. He was explaining what was ahead on our tour of the mine outside Gällivare. It was more like the Grand Canyon. On our trip along the

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The Biggest Toys Ever Made

We are in Gällivare. We are driving to bottom of the Grand Canyon of Aitik. Mounted on our car is a flag that from a distance looks like the antenna of a remote control toy car. All ordinary cars are

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The Greenest Mine in the World

Mining in the Arctic is a touchy topic. Any industrial activity in what normally are deserted areas causes conflict in the north. The deserted areas above the Arctic Circle are very often pastures of the reindeer. Mining is in the

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How to Get Involved in the Greenest Mine in the World

The Arctic Amethyst Ltd company in Luosto has an unparalleled proposal to its visitors. The company sits on top of Lampivaara and the mining rights to utilize the Amethyst ore. It offers the top soft adventure I can think of.

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How the Purple Diamond of the Arctic Was Created

Millions of years ago the top of Lampivaara was 4000 – 5000 meters higher. The rate of erosion is 1 cm per year. The winters are cracking up the rocks. When water injected into cracks becomes ice it expands and

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Three Legendary Amethyst Remedies

What attracts emits tales. So is the case with the amethyst gem of Luosto. Before the occurrence of amethyst of Lampivaara became official, the stories of the gem from Lapland occurred all over Europe. The amethyst was also part of

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The Moving House – Hjalmar Lundbohmsgården

Kiruna is a special place with mining and space operations at its core. The town in northern Sweden was planned and created at the turn of the last century. In the winter, temperatures are spacious. In fact, the town was

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