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Three Simple Tips from an Arctic Cook That Will Make Anyone an Excellent Cook

Millions of people all over the world are apping for great cooking tips. People love watching TV-shows aiming to emulate details of chefs such as Jamie Oliver, Wolfgang Puck, Mario Batali, Rachael Ray, Nigella Lawson, Gordon Ramsay, Sandra Lee, Jacques

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A Timeless Member of the Slow Movement

Slow food and slow cities have caught on for the last thirty years. The movement was started in 1986 by Italian food lover Mr. Carlo Petrini. It was the alternative to life in the fast food line, such as McDonald’s.

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The Newest Resort above the Arctic Circle

Gällivare is featuring its position as one of the major mining towns in Europe. It is a high tech town and a communication hub for northern Sweden. And it is close to some of the best outdoorsy area of Norrbotten.

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How to Make a Drink of What You Find In You Backyard

Essence of Lapland is a very fitting name for the love of Ms. Eva Gunnare. Her passion is herbs and plants that she discovers close to her home in Jokkmokk. Another passion is to share her discoveries. We had just

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The Aphrodisiac and Raisin of the Arctic

On our Diamonds of the Arctic Tour 2014 we had discovered new way of making gin. Much of our knowledge on how to make the best out of what is nearest is being forgotten. It is so easy to go

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The Special Breads of Kåbdalis

The half-failed calls I made before we hit jackpot with Essence of Lapland was not all failures. I talked with another woman, but she was not in Jokkmokk. She was in the small village Kåbdalis. Kåbdalis is 60 km south

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The Northernmost Golden Arches in the Arctic

Many years ago I was playing in a collegiate soccer tournament in Pheonix, Arizona, USA. After being knocked out of the tournament, a teammate and I decided to drive to the Grand Canyon. High up in the Arizona mountains, we

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You Need a Place to Stay in Rovaniemi – The Panorama Alternative

Lapland Hotels Sky Ounasvaara is the hotel that overlooks the Ounasjoki – river. It is not in the center of Rovaniemi and it is a great hotel if you need a feeling of space. The General Manager Ms. Mira Söderlund

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Eight Arctic Accommodation Business Principles

Inari Hotel is 350 km from North Cape. Whether you are on your way to or from North Cape there is a chance that you are low on energy and need a place to chow. Café and Restaurant Aurora is

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On the Border EVERY Customer Is an Important Customer

We had spent almost a week on the Santa’s Road, driven more than 400 km from Rovaniemi, and was now at border to Norway. This is also the border between the European Union and Norway. Different regulations, products and prices

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