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You’ll Find the Särestöniemi Storytellers at the Back of the Store

This was our final day on the Diamonds of the Arctic Tour 2014. This will be the 71st blog post. We have traveled full circle above the Arctic Circle. Angelo and I had driven up Santa’s Road from Rovaniemi, and

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Twelve Points That Made Reidar Särestöniemi One of the Greatest Arctic Artists

What made Mr. Reidar Särestöniemi such a great artist? I got closer to the answer after visiting the Särestöniemi-museo (Särestöniemi Museum) and hear what director Ms. Anne Koskamo had to tell about Reidar. There is a number of things one could

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Of all the Saunas in the Arctic, Särestöniemi Sauna Is the Diamond

The Prince of Spain found his way to the Särestöniemi estate. He must have been an admirer of Mr. Reidar Särestöniemi’s art. The Finnish president was also a fan. He also visited. They both had the opportunity of taking a

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World Class Art on the Arctic Circle

By southerners the area above the Arctic Circle has traditionally been regarded as wilderness: A land of nature. On our Diamonds of the Arctic Tour of 2014, Angelo and I visited a number of art galleries. People living in a

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Gallery Alariesto – The Embodiment of the Arctic Character

At the tourist information in Sodankylä is a seemingly obscure art gallery. In our quest to profile the land and people of the European Arctic, Mr. Andreas Alariesto is perhaps the embodiment of it all. He has authentically pictured a

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Why Saami Art Is Only Contemporary

Leonardo da Vinci painted Mona Lisa 510 years ago, Rembrandt painted The Night Watch 370 years ago, and Edvard Munch painted the Scream 120 years ago. There is hardly any Saami artist creating art before the 19th century. Has there

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