The Bonus Diamonds

Bonus DiamondsThere are plenty of destinations in the Arctic worthy of notability. Many of these are outside the Midnight Sun Road (Piteå – Nordkapp) and the Santa’s Road (Rovaniemi – Nordkapp). The two roads have been the primary focus of the Diamonds of the Arctic Tour. The bonus diamonds manifested on the 2014 tour belongs to the triangle area Luleå – Muonio – Rovaniemi.

The Diamonds of the Arctic Tour followed eight rules:

  1. The road to and from Nordkapp represents destinations
  2. The area above the Arctic Circle is one big destination
  3. We are looking for diamonds along the roads above or near the Arctic Circle
  4. We wanted to create something informative
  5. We wanted local people to be more important than ourselves. We wanted local and genuine representatives of the premises to talk about their service, culture, and/or nature
  6. Certain topics have been particularly interesting: Churches/architecture, art, and food
  7. We had one key bonus question that we asked people whenever appropriate. What is your favorite? Implying, what’s in it for you?
  8. We wanted the blog and film posts to be complementary

There were three destinations in the bonus area that triggered the extra miles. Without these, the bonus part of the tour in 2014 would not have happened: The huskies in Muonio, the Swedish military in Boden, and the magical art of Reidar Särestöniemi.

3rd Leg of the Diamonds of the Arctic Tour 2014

Here is a list of bonus blog post experienced in 2014:

The Golf Cart Sightseeing of the Arctic Riviera - First Camp Luleå

Keeper of the Swedish Military Might 

The Destination of Many Kings – Boden 

How a Cup of Coffee and a Green Buick Became a Café 

The 15 Points for Making Great Sled Dogs 

Why It Is Easier for a Golfer to Get an Eagle in the Arctic 

When You Want a Temporary Home in Touristic Levi/Kittilä 

You’ll Find the Särestöniemi Storytellers at the Back of the Store 

Twelve Points That Made Reidar Särestöniemi One of the Greatest Arctic Artists 

Of all the Saunas in the Arctic, Särestöniemi Sauna Is the Diamond 

The borders of civilization are defined by how far the women are willing to go. Beyond those borders you only have temporary hunters and artificial non-sustainable societies.

In late October 1944, my grandparents were told to evacuate the far north and head south. The irresponsible Norwegian government in exile urged the local people not to follow the orders of the Nazis. My grandfather planned for a winter without proper housing. My grandmother said no. The family with small kids headed south. If they hadn’t, I may not have been able to write this blog post.

Nordkapp is the far edge, not the end, but the beginning. On the edge, a bucket is a bucket, and what needs to be first is first. The blog posts are about finding the tiniest diamond making it worthwhile for people to enjoy life.

Check Santa’s Road and Midnight Sun Road for more blogs on the Diamonds of the Arctic Tour 2014.

The whole adventure is part of an ambitious mission. It encompasses political, cultural, economic, and business visions of the 21st century.

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