The Golf Cart Sightseeing of the Arctic Riviera – First Camp Luleå

First CampThis destination is packed of families in the summer. Luleå is not along the Midnight Sun Road that starts in Piteå and ends up in Nordkapp. However, for most long distance travelers, Luleå is a likely hub to start any travel in the Arctic. University town Luleå has a big airport.

First Camp Luleå has just invested in new all-year cabins. It is not just a summer vacation spot for sun-hungry people from Northern Norway anymore. Luleå is quite exotic in the winter as well. If you are looking for a freezing city environment, no other place than Luleå fits the bill. Set at the innermost part of Bottenviken (Bothnian Bay) you can almost tell by the trees how chilly the winds are in the winter.

The archipelago outside Luleå defines the city in many ways. The traffic in it in the summer is indicative of the activity at sites like First Camp. The regional manager Ms. Carla Peruzzaro at the wheels gave us a thorough introduction of the complex on a golf cart. We also got a golf cart tour on a Finnish golf course in Levi.

First Camp is running a terrace restaurant serving pizza and á la carte menu by the riverbank. It also runs a café located in a quiet area with a beautiful view of the Luleå river. These options are only open during the summer. Other times of the year, you have dining opportunities in Luleå. Just like in Rovaniemi, there is even a McDonald’s in the city. By far, it is the northernmost franchise in Sweden.

First Camp, previously Arcus, is famous for its swimming opportunities. The pool is heated with green hot water. Water trapped big black lenses are heated by the sun and released into the pool. So, it is possible to practice reusable green “sun cells” in the north as well.

first Camp

Green energy in Luleå

It is perhaps a better option to swim in the river. First Camp has a lovely long beach.  It is possible to engage in more organized activities such as football, beach volleyball, and badminton. You also have the opportunity to jump on big jumping cushion, even grown-ups enjoy the ones we have, says Carla. It is possible to rent kayaks, play miniature golf, and the list goes on.

We didn’t examine it, but First Camp also has a smoke sauna, the one we described in Kiilopää, Finland. Saunas are big in northern Sweden also.

First Camp has 44 hectare of land. There are plenty of play areas, cabins, camping spots for RVs, trailers, and tents. Some of our guests return to us every year, Carla pointed out. We passed a German couple who had visited the camp 15 years in a row. One camping area is set for all-year.

Our golf cart sightseeing tour was over. We went to our cabin and an energetic squirrel greeted us. It was jumping up and down the trees in the backyard. It is a good place indeed.

First Camp

“Wildlife” at First Camp Luleå

First Camp

Relaxing by the beach in Luleå


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