The Destination of Many Kings – Boden


How the Rödbergsfortet was built

At Rödbergsfortet we were introduced to some of the military secrets of the Swedish armed forces. It was just one of many fortresses set up in the Boden area. At times there were thousands of men that needed normal housing. Many look alike residential homes were put up by the Swedish government. Boden is in many ways tied to its military history.

Boden is the place a lot of young Swedes have served in the “Lumpen” as the called it in Sweden. I would imaging, that it was not the most popular garrison to serve in. The coldness and the darkness of the long winters can be a challenge for someone who is not determined to enjoy it. One person, who is very often in Boden, is H.M the King.

Ever since Oscar II visited the militaristic Boden in 1903, Kings have made their rounds in Boden. The current King H.M King Car XVI Gustaf has been to Boden. The current king became king at a very early age, only 23 years old. His father, Georg V, died when Carl Gustaf was barely a year old. At Rödbergsfortet the dining table is symbolically always set for the King.

The King was certainly interested in what was going on in Boden between 1941 and 1982. In 1941, The Bank of Sweden (Sveriges Riksbank) decided to move part of its gold reserve to Degerbergsfortet in Boden. In 1982 it was moved from the fortress to an unknown fortification.

The fortress was demilitarized in 1997. There has been a shift in the strategic importance of Boden.

Now, it is still educating thousands of young Swedes to become soldiers every year. In MMXI the Försvarsmuseum was opened. It is a modern museum commanded to educate the public about the military culture and history of Boden and Sweden since early 1900s.  The museum is also displaying military equipment. And, it is explaining the Cold War and the battlefield wars from a Swedish perspective.

It is part of what has become increasingly important to Boden: Tourism. Among some great alternatives, I will recommend the Western Farm and Ruter Retro Café.

At the café it is all Rock’n’Roll.

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The table is set for a royal visit


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