How a Cup of Coffee and a Green Buick Became a Café

Ruter Retro CaféSometimes things just happen for no apparent reason. They just unfold. A visit to Ruter Retro Café was not planned. We didn’t know it existed. We had just visited Rödbergsfortet and the veteran officer “suggested” we made a stop at the café.

The first thing we noticed as we pulled in to the parking lot was the cars. Cars from a nostalgic era, American veteran cars from the 1950s and 1960s were parked one by one. Most of them shining as if the just been polished. We walked around the corner and saw a Betty Boop display in front of a small red building. There wasn’t too much commotion it seemed.

Then the place started to hum a little. People came out in the yard. They took a seat in the outdoor café, and before long the place was packed. A lot of people were already inside the main café and an adjacent building. We walked through the small café, through a garage, and came out on the other side. A party of a hundred plus motorcyclist had just arrived. Ruter Retro Café was buzzing.

I walked in the buildings and spotted relics from the American decades. Elvis Presley gracing the building, Marilyn Monroe throwing kisses, and JFK still president. There is a sofa made of the rear end of an old Chevy (if I recall correctly). There is even a police car from the New York police force in the garage. And of course, a jukebox with 45 singles record hits.

Ms. Lena Boström and her husband had a garage for their classic cars six – seven years ago. They had just bought the place on old military ground outside the center of Boden. They needed more space for their American car hobby. Friends started to pop in for a cup of coffee so they could talk about the cars.

It didn’t take long before more than just friends would come by. Everybody loved the place. The cars and artifacts Lena and her husband had assembled hit a soft spot. People can experience the cherished American Camelot period. They had to charge for the coffee people we’re drinking. One thing led to another, and one day they decided to quit their job. They would work on the café instead. Now the whole family is engaged in Ruter Retro Café.

It is just amazing, Lena says. People come to us with their artifacts so they can be displayed. All sorts of visitors, old, young, pop in on the days the café is open:

  • Tuesday
  • Thursday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday

We also invite organizations to do small conferences here. We serve homemade fika.

It is pure and simple, just a very happy place!

Ruter Retro Café

In the garage – Ruter Retro Café

Retro cafe

Boden in Norrbotten, Sweden

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