Why It Is Easier for a Golfer to Get an Eagle in the Arctic

Levi GolfGolf is one of the greatest sports in the world. It would be a fair way to conclude that the last thing a talented player should do is to move to the Arctic. What I am driving at is that some sports are meant to be played in Scotland, or anywhere the green is green most of the year. Bunkers, there will always be an exception: Levi in Finland.

It is true, you will not only be able to experience a birdie at the Levi Golf Course, but an Eagle is not unheard of either. What you can bag on seeing is a reindeer. So, if you love golf, and to play golf courses all over the world; Levi should be on your list. We’ll take a swing at it.

The tourist resort of Levi added Golf to its activities in 2006. Nine holes were ready. Two years later the whole 18 golf course was finished. The gold course was designed by Pekka Sivvå. The scenery is Arctic, colorful and green. There is one thing about the Arctic summer; most of it has a fresh green tint.

The golf season in Levi starts late and ends early. Don’t plan on playing golf in Levi before July. The summers are great; in fact, it may be more comfortable to play in the cooler Arctic summer than in burning sun elsewhere. The best time of the year, visually, is the autumn. This is when the green colors of the trees turn orange, yellow and red in September/October. It is Ms. Fia Hollmén favorite time of the year at the golf course. She teed us off at the golf course.

She took us on a short tour of the golf course in one of their golf carts. It was the second golf cart safari we had on the Diamonds of the Arctic Tour 2014. We saw several reindeer cutting the fairway. In the autumn, she warned, you need to mind the reindeer bucks in heat. Fighting for the females can be a dangerous time for golfers. The bucks become aggressive.

We’re on par with Levi Golf & Country Club; you can join the club if you have a green card!

Levi Golf

Fia Hollmén at Levi Golf Club

Levi Golf

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