The Midnight Sun Road

Midnight Sun RoadThe Midnight Sun Road was an old abandoned project with the aim of creating more awareness for a road less travelled. You’ll find the Midnight Sun Road monument at the North Cape plateau just outside the main building before you go down to the globe. It is the road between Piteå and Nordkapp.

The road includes a detour to Kiruna and a fork that includes both Alta/Skaidi and Jergu/Karasjok/Lakselv to destinations along the route. The Midnight Sun Road and Santa’s Road overlap each other on the stretch Karasjok – Nordkapp.

In the tourist brochure of Nordkapp in 2011-12 this road was once again included on a map showing some of the destinations before you arrive and after you leave Nordkapp. The work took a new turn in 2012 when a roadumentary of the road was made. Blog post and film clips about what is on the Midnight Sun Road were published on

After roadumenting the Santa’s Road between Rovaniemi and Nordkapp in 2014, some of the loopholes along the Midnight Sun Road left in 2012 were filled in 2014. Some of the loopholes were giants, whereas others were simply beautifully small.

One key idea behind the different presentation is that they should complement each other. There are two national museums for the Saami culture along the roads we covered: One in Finland and the other in Sweden. A lot of the exhibitions are understandably quite similar. In these cases, the focus on our part has been to vary the presentations.

For instance, our blog post about Ájtte – Svenskt Fjäll- och Samemuseum (Swedish Mountain and Saami Museum) in Jokkmokk does not necessarily deal with the most important exhibition of Ájtte. The blog posts have been complementary to what we already have of other Saami blog posts.

2nd Leg of the Diamonds of the Arctic Tour 2014

Here is a list of blog post along the Midnight Sun Road as experienced in 2014:

Arctic Cloths Talks in Volumes

What the Gunmen of the Wild West Had in Common With the Reindeer Herders

Why Saami Art Is Only Contemporary 

The Sexiest Place North of the Arctic Circle 

The Only Resort above the Arctic Circle Blessed by Two Popes 

Migrating Arctic Birds on the Payroll 

This Is What the Arctic Is All About 

The White Trolls and a Bewitched Terrier 

Arctic Cartoons Long before Disney 

The Northern Light’s Cathedral 

The Northern Lights Currency – NOK 200 

Three Simple Tips from an Arctic Cook That Will Make Anyone an Excellent Cook

Music Is About Expressing Yourself – Joik Is About Expressing Anything 

A Timeless Member of the Slow Movement 

The Smallest Court House in the Arctic 

What Happens When You Count Decade by Decade 

The Hotel’s First Proposals to You Is an Autobiography of The Owner 

The Grand Canyon of Gällivare 

The Biggest Toys Ever Made 

The Newest Resort above the Arctic Circle 

How to Make a Drink of What You Find In Your Backyard 

The Aphrodisiac and Raisin of the Arctic 

Next to 400 Years of Business above the Arctic Circle – Jokkmokk Hotel 

People Weren’t Allowed to Live in Houses in the Capital of Wilderness

The Wild West of the Arctic – Saami and Settlers 

Forrest Gump II – Run Forrest, Run to Laponia 

Bear Blood on the Arctic Circle 

The Special Breads of Kåbdalis 

The Wildest Wheelchair Falling Adventure 

Polar Hotel in Miss Small Town Sweden 

Midnight Sun Road

Destinations along the Midnight Sun Road

All of these blog posts are written about experiences between Nordkapp and Piteå. They are in fact the accumulated knowledge of almost 20 years up and down this roads. So are the blog posts pertaining to Santa’s Road between Rovaniemi and Nordkapp. The third part is bonus diamonds between Luleå, Mounio and Rovaniemi.

The whole adventure is part of an ambitious mission. It encompasses political, cultural, economic, and business visions of the 21st century.

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