Bear Blood on the Arctic Circle

Arctic CircleSouth of Jokkmokk you’ll cross the Arctic Circle. Jokkmokk has made the Arctic Circle very visible. Rocks form the line going from east to west. A stack of rock has been mounted to create a marker, a background for photographs. On top of the hill there is a small café and souvenir shop.

The souvenir shop is set up so you can get an Arctic Circle certificate. You can get a similar certificate at the Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi, and other places. When you drive along previous main roads you can find abandoned certificate places. So, it is best to get one, when the occasion arise. Seize the moment.

We did. I thought it was a good idea. We didn’t get a certificate for standing on the Arctic Circle when we visited Santa Claus. We were more interested in making a few stories, such as the one about several different types of Arctic Circles. Let’s stop, I told Angelo, and see what this certificate looks like. He agreed so we ran up the hill.

Minding the café was two Jokkmokk girls. The elder, Ms. Jennifer Ögren showed us the certificate, dated it, put our names on it, and carried the process through.

We also offer Arctic Circle ceremonies, she says. Groups, or anybody, can book it, and we’ll ordinate you’re crossing the Arctic Circle. The ceremony includes drinking bear blood and eating reindeer meat. It is very good, she says, the blood taste like “lingondrycka”.

We continued our drive for the day. This day on our Diamonds of the Arctic Tour would be the second with rain. It was really raining moose and bears by the time we closed in on Storforsen. Storforsen is the magnificent waterfalls that we missed two years earlier. We did the bi-annual coal making instead.

But before that we made a stop in Kåbdalis.

Arctic Circle

Jennifer at the Arctic Circle

Arctic Circle

Arctic Circle certificate



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