The Special Breads of Kåbdalis

KåbdalisThe half-failed calls I made before we hit jackpot with Essence of Lapland was not all failures. I talked with another woman, but she was not in Jokkmokk. She was in the small village Kåbdalis. Kåbdalis is 60 km south of Jokkmokk along the Midnight Sun Road / E45.

We had just obtained our certificates for crossing the Arctic Circle along the Midnight Sun Road / Inlandsvägen south of Jokkmokk. It was raining shells from Rødbergfortet. And Ms. Marie Nygård invited us into the general store of Kåbdalis. She runs this store with a friend Ms. Kikki Unga.

It is almost like the gas station in Karesuando. It is small, but the offers are assorted. We have a store that tourist will stop and shop, says Marie. True, when we were there, Spaniards had dropped in. The store is full of surprises, continues Marie. We also have a small café. We pride ourselves to offer some local goodies. Most cherished, is our breads.

Kikki is off Saami descent, her grandmother taught her how they made Saami bread in the mountains. Gáhkko is the bread made near to the fire. It is bread made without yeast and it is baked thin originally on a flat pre-heated stone. Gáhkko is lovely when it is warm. We have our own bakery, Marie says.

We change the bread menu according to the season and here you will find fresh bread all the time. On this day they had: Gáhkko, sour dough, fruit and nut bread, baguettes and, of course, Swedish cinnamon roll.

Surprise yourself with bread you’ve never had before at K&Min Bageri – Lanthandel – Goabddalis.


K&M in

K&M in

Marie presenting the breads



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