We Are in the Heart of Northern Lights – We Get the Beat at the Aurora Chalet

Aurora ChaletIf you are looking for a quiet place, relaxing wild outdoors and comfortable modern hospitality service, Luosto is the place. Aurora Chalet is the hotel.

The winters in Luosto are hot. As a unique service, the hotel manager Mr. Jari Virtanen says they bestow an Aurora Alert system to their guests. We equip our guests with an extra mobile phone. Whenever there is Northern Lights in the sky, the observatory in Sodankylä pass the message to us. Our guests subsequently receive a text message SMS ASAP.

15 meters from the entrance is the wild forest. I picked a few ripe blueberries in between carrying our bags into our room. Our mission in Luosto was not to snack fresh antioxidants, but to visit the Amethyst Mine. The Super Moon was only a few days ahead, so was the Luosto Classic.

Luosto Classic is a classical music event every August. I had the pleasure of attending one of the shows a decade ago. It was outdoors. We had to walk along a wooden trail in a ravine in order to get to the stands. It was dark; volunteers were juggling light along the trail. The impressions from that night lingers. Jari told us that the BBC had been to the Luosto Classic in 2013.

In the restaurant when we arrived, piano notes were beating up the reception and the dining room. Mr. Martti Rautio was playing and preparing for a concert at the Luosto Classic. Sadly, we would miss the Luosto Classic this year. The itinerary didn’t allow an extra note.

Aurora Chalet

Mr. Martti Rautio getting ready for Luosto Classic

Luosto has a very stable climate compared to coastal areas. Winters are evenly colder and summers are constantly warmer, a customer friendly prerequisite for winter and summer activities.

In the winter you have the alpine skiing. There are 16 different peaks in a small area. If you enjoy cross-country skiing or snow-shoeing you may observe an elk along the prepared tracks. If you are unlucky you may encounter a wolf. Brown bears are also hibernating in the area. Off the ski tracks, there are tracks for snowmobile, reindeer and husky outings.

The summers are slower. However, there are things to do. I imaging Luosto is popular in Ruska, September is very important time of the year for the Finns.

Although, it is off the beaten track, the pristine nature is unbeatable. Luosto is an unusual resort.

Aurora Chalet


Luosto a little bit of the main road

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