How to Get Involved in the Greenest Mine in the World

Amethyst MineThe Arctic Amethyst Ltd company in Luosto has an unparalleled proposal to its visitors. The company sits on top of Lampivaara and the mining rights to utilize the Amethyst ore. It offers the top soft adventure I can think of. And, it is possible for anyone to become an actual owner of it. The most arduous red may envision buying an amethyst share. The business operation of the Arctic Amethyst company is a political manifesto.

The Arctic Amethyst company turns the mining industry upside down, and it turns traveling guests into feverish investors. The company has 2000 individual owners. Not international big corporations, just ordinary Joes, Annas, Lisas and Franks.

The key modus operandi is to invite visitors to the mine. From the top of Lampivaara you are looking at some of the oldest places on Earth and an ancient forest. You will be guided on the gem itself and the mine. Then you climb down-up to the pit. You start digging, it doesn’t take long before the amethyst that has been waiting for you blinks you in the eye. It has been waiting for you for billions of years. You clean it in water and have it verified by the guide.

The chief miner, Mr Timo Seppälä has listed a few company rules for mining your own personal amethyst:

  1. The guide must not be able to see it when you clinch it in your fist, then it is too big
  2. The rock must be transparent
  3. You can only dig one amethyst per visit

On occasions, point one and three can be negotiated, if the guide is in a gem mode

20 000 visitors haul their lucky amethyst gem from the mine every year. It is a little special. You do not find Amethyst so many other places. You have dug it yourself. Or as Timo will say, this is the Amethyst that has been waiting for you to come and dig it out. With this beautiful rock you can have a custom made piece of jewelry.  It is a very personal stone.

A share in the company is also available at a fair price. The share can be bought in five different designs. The design is created exclusively by some of greatest artist in Finland. You are now not only a part owner, but may take advantage of the owner perks that goes with it.

Free visits to the mine are one, of course. But the most important is the opportunity to attend the annual meeting, most years in the autumn. The annual meeting has two important sections. The first is going through the numbers and running of the company. This last an hour or so. The second is the following celebration that lasts for three days.

I’ll see you at the next annual meeting.

Amethyst Mine

Entering the Amethyst Mine

Amethyst Mine

Mining for – the – Amethyst

Amethyst Mine

An amethyst




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