Three Legendary Amethyst Remedies

AmethystWhat attracts emits tales. So is the case with the amethyst gem of Luosto. Before the occurrence of amethyst of Lampivaara became official, the stories of the gem from Lapland occurred all over Europe. The amethyst was also part of culture in other areas of the world. Some of this information has been recorded. As early as 15th century priest came from central Europe to get the purple stone of Lapland.

They got it from the Saami people who lived in the area. The Saami people did know about this place, but didn’t reveal the exact location. According to their stories, it was a sacred place only the shaman could go. People would use the amethyst for decoration, and they believed it had magical powers.

  • Here is the snaky magic

The North American Indians believed that eagles had amethyst in their nest to protect their eggs from snakes. The Indians would wear leather belts with amethyst when they barefooted walked the prairie.

In “Historia naturalis” a Roman book written about the time when Mount Vesuvius buried Pompeii, it also points to snakes. If you wore amethyst in a leather strap around your neck, you can go in the forest and the snakes and scorpions wouldn’t bite you

A medieval, German, catholic nun called Hildegard von Bingen wrote 2 000 advices on how people could treat different diseases and other problems with herbs and stones. She had a recipe for making amethyst water. You kept an amethyst stone over a boiling kettle of water. When the steam condenses on the surface of the stone, you can careful take it away and put it into a small bottle.

This water could be used in at least two cases:

  • If you dropped one drop of amethyst water into your tap water, it would have a sensational effect while washing your face. The skin of your face would become smooth and clear, and you would remain young longer.
  • Amethyst water worked, according to Hildegard, also on insect bites. If a mosquito happens to bite you and it starts itching you just put a drop of water there , rub it in, and within minutes the itching disappears

Who knows if the amethyst has these qualities? Mr. Timo Seppälä told us the story of a young newlywed German couple. They were visiting the “green” mine in Luosto on their honeymoon. Because they were from Germany, Timo told them about Hildegard and the amethyst water.

Then the groom said that he had a mosquito bite and it was itching. They put some amethyst water on it and rubbed it in. Before they left Timo asked the man about the mosquito bite. He looked at his hand and his wife said: Darling, it is the other hand!

Amethyst Mine

Remedy against itching

ø Question:

Do you know any similar natural remedies?

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