Eight Arctic Accommodation Business Principles

Inari HotelInari Hotel is 350 km from North Cape. Whether you are on your way to or from North Cape there is a chance that you are low on energy and need a place to chow. Café and Restaurant Aurora is not only worth a North Cape pit stop. Norwegians across the border book the place for business meetings and conferences because of the hotel’s service and excellent food.

The owner Mr. Lasse Hägglund came with his wife from Oulu many years ago to run the hotel. After working 30 blog posts along the touristic Santa’s Road between Rovaniemi and North Cape, solemn business talk became a break.

Since 1860 there have been commercial hospitality services in Inari. Inari has been in an important center for the people in this area for a long time. However, to make a present-day hotel thrive it is imperative to attract long distance guests as well. Inari Hotel has just invested in new state of the art accommodation facilities.

Lasse had a number of interesting points on how to run a successful hotel in the Arctic.

  1. Inari Hotel is the hub for the local bus companies such as Eskelisen Lapin Linjat
  2. Inari is a natural hub for travelers and the hotel offers a great dining experience. Local food dishes along with global alternatives
  3. With partners the hotel is offering activities that are unique for the Arctic. Northern Lights, dog sledding, reindeer sledding, ice fishing and the list goes on
  4. Harder and wider beds
  5. The hotel is built on the lakeside. Any water is attractive because there is always something going on in such places
  6. The hotel is less than 35 km far away from the international airport of Ivalo
  7. Displaying the works of renowned local artist in the hotel enhances the authentic atmosphere at the hotel.  The hotel has a displayed lot of pictures made by the artist Ms. Merja Aletta Rantilla
  8. The hotel has had a policy of not spending any money on advertising for the last two decades. Lasse says that guests are spreading information about the hotel on facebook and similar social media. Japanese visitors will post a picture of the food to their friends before they dine. Word of mouth is Inari Hotel’s advertising

They key is to offer good authentic value, position yourself as much as possible in the middle, and depend on your guest to talk about you.

After an exciting and informative stay in Inari we focused our attention on the Norwegian/Finnish border at Karigasniemi. We intended to do more business related work for our travel blog.

Ms. Merja Aletta Rantilla

Artist: Ms. Merja Aletta Rantilla

Inari hotel

Lasse at the hotel

Inari Hotel

Some design at Inari Hotel

Inari Hotel

Design at work




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