The Sexiest Place North of the Arctic Circle

StabbursdalenIn the summertime, Stabbursdalen is possibly the warmest national park at this latitude. The national park was established in 1970 and is famous for its northernmost pine forest. It is also famous for its salmon. Anglers come from all over the world to catch salmon in the Stabburselva river.

Stabbursdalen Resort is managed by entrepreneur Mr. Geir Jon Aarskog. This area is a mecca for people who love to catch salmon he says. There are seven different rivers were you can fish salmon within this area. The rivers are among the cleanest in Europe.

This is a very sexy place, he says. Native salmon return to find a mate and reproduce. Birds come to this place to breed. One bird species has, in fact, become an important employee at the resort. We produce a lot of offspring in this blessed place. And we have just built a new chapel on the resort. In particular, we welcome couples who want to get married in the Northern Lights Chapel for Peace. The chapel has been blessed by two Catholic Popes.

The Atlantic salmons who return to the river met their first stream of water here. They stay in these quarters for two years. Then they leave for the Atlantic Ocean. After two – four years they return to reproduce and make babies. They know exactly how to find back home. Then they leave again and come back after another two – four years. Geir Jon has seen many customers making a big haul in the river. A good catch is 20 kg, but we have also experienced a 30 kg landing. The bigger ones have returned to Stabburselva many times. They’ve had a good sex life, they only return to this river for sex.

All good things come to an end. One way to make use of salmon is the smoke it. He explains the process that dates back to the Viking era.

  • With a sharp knife we cut filet and salt it.
  • We mix 20 – 30 % sugar with the salt.
  • We let a 10 kg salmon spend 30 – 40 hours in the salt.
  • Then we wash off the salt and we hang it up to dry for two days.
  • Then we smoke it using common juniper, it gives the salmon an extra good flavor and the juniper is also antiseptic. (The common juniper has other uses). We smoke the salmon for about 12 – 15 hours.
  • After hanging another day the customer can either eat it or send it to his family.

After checking the smoking facilities we walk to the chapel. The chapel has a truly heavenly story.


Stabbursdalen Resort


Fishing in Stabburselva


Stabbursdalen Resort


This is where we smoke the salmon


Stabbursdalen along Santa’s Road


Stabbursdalen north of Lakselv along the Midnight Sun Road

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