The Only Resort above the Arctic Circle Blessed by Two Popes

StabbursdalenStabbursdalen is a celestial site. The valley is protected from the most hellish weather in the Arctic. It is an oasis of life. Stabbursdalen was the first National Park to be established in the northernmost county of Europe. Along with Øvre Pasvik it earned the title in 1970. You get this reverend feeling when you are in Stabbursdalen.

One day, inspired by the spirits of Stabbursdalen, the resort manager decided to build a chapel on the resort. There are billions of Christians in the world. Mr Geir Jon Aarskog felt it was appropriate to build a chapel for as many as possible. The valley is for everyone to enjoy. The seed for the ecumenical Northern Lights Chapel for Peace was planted.

By divine coincidence in 2011, he met an ingenious man from Italy, Mr. Massimo Bissoni. Massimo is a handy man and, soon after their acquaintance, started to build the chapel together with Geir. The chapel is built in Viking style. After three months, Massimo said to Geir that he had a gift for him. Geir didn’t know what to expect for four weeks.

Then two visitors came to Stabbursdalen Resort. Two distinguished men from Rome. They were representatives of Pope Benedict XVI. The men from the Vatican came with a rosary and a bible that had been blessed by the head of the Catholic Church. The overwhelming visit didn’t end with these deity gifts.

The two men asked if Geir would like to pay the Pope a visit at the Peter Square. This was an offer he was more than happy to oblige. In March 2013, a new Pope had succeeded Benedict XVI. On November 13th in 2013 the party from Stabbursdalen visited the Vatican. Pope Francis subsequently also blessed the chapel. Two Popes have blessed the Northern Lights Chapel for Peace.

It is a beautiful story. The chapel is now completed. People are welcome to worship in the chapel. It is a magical place for weddings. The Stabbursdalen Resort has appropriate wedding suites.


Northern Lights Chapel for Peace


The chapel


Stabbursdalen north of Lakselv


Stabbursdalen north of Lakselv


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