Migrating Arctic Birds on the Payroll

StabbursdalenAs we have established, Stabbursdalen is one sexy place. The Arctic is a popular breeding spot for a number of birds. The Stabbursnes National Park Center a few hundred meters north of the resort has a lot of information about breeding birds in the area. At the resort, the owner Mr. Geir Jon Aarskog has given one species a special offer. They are solving a problem at the resort.

The European pied flycatcher is flying in every summer from Spain. Geir has set up 30 nesting boxes on the resort. They fill the resort with a wonderful light hearted birdsong. And they breed. The female can lay 4 – 10 eggs. The male is one happy industrious fellow; he can take care of more than just one partner.

There is one catch to the resort’s offer. In the breeding season there are a lot of mosquitos in the area. The European pied flycatcher eats insects. That is why the want to breed in the north. There is a lot of food. Geir says that each bird eat 1 000 mosquitos per day. So, one family will devour 6 000 000 mosquitos every summer at the resort.

So instead of using a lot of money on pesticide or be bothered by buzzing mosquitos through the summer, the resort welcomes the small passerine bird to take care of the mosquitos. I encourage them stay in our nesting boxes, and they clean the resort for insects. They work hard, and when the job is done they go back to Spain on Holiday, says Geir with a blink in his eye.

the resort welcomes the small passerine bird to take care of the mosquitos

This is a clever way of solving a problem. This is an environmental way of combating the air force of the mosquitos. It is also beneficial for the bird. The bird can concentrate on breeding. The nesting boxes are ready to move into when the flycatcher returns to Stabbursdalen.


Geir Jon Aarskog in front of the nesting box


“Employee” at Stabbursdalen Resort: The European pied flycatcher


Bird “accommodation”


Stabbursdalen north of Lakselv


Stabbursdalen along the Santa’s Road


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