The White Trolls and a Bewitched Terrier

TrollholmsundIn the Bible and the Book of Genesis there is a story of Lot’s wife in chapter 19. God was about to destroy the city of Sodoma. The night before, Lot’s family invited some angels to stay at their home. On the day of destruction, the angles warned Lot and his family to flee to the mountains. They had to run without looking back at the disaster. Lot’s wife did look back and turned into a pillar of salt. She had seen the lights of God.

Dating back at least a thousand years there have been stories of Trolls in Scandinavia. In the romantic fairytales of Asbjørnsen & Moe they were wicked creatures, enemies of God and humans. They salivated on the sniff of Christian human blood. But as they were creatures of darkness rays of sunlight would do them in. They turned to stone the very instant sunlight was shed upon them.

Just north of Stabbursnes there is a white road sign alluring you to Trollholmsund. You drive a few kilometers towards the sea and do a short hike. At the end of the marked trail you will find pillars of limestone. These are the trolls of Trollholmsund.

They salivated on the sniff of Christian human blood

An old Saami myth explains why the pillars are standing and looking at the Porsanger fjord. Many thousand years ago a troll family and their dog were stomping north in the night. They were hastily carrying a big bag of silver and gold they had stolen at Stabbursdalen Resort. They reached the shoreline at Trollholmsund. They wanted to cross the fjord. However, it was morning and just before sunrise. The trolls desperately searched for a cave to hide in but couldn’t find one. They turned into the limestone pillars of Trollholmsund.

We made a stop at Trollholmsund. A farmer’s cows were grazing the fields a hundred meters from us as we did the short hike to the pillars. The pillars were gathered in a small area just like they were family. It was a lovely sunny day and a great day to film. As we were shooting, a dog suddenly appeared between the pillars. I tried to call upon the terrier and it came my way. Just before I could pet it, it turned around and walked away. It disappeared among the pillars. Trolly? The Terrier is the dog who hunts underground. And we never saw it again.


Trolls turned into stone




Trollholmsund is north of Lakselv


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