Santa’s Road

Santa's Road Rovaniemi - NordkappMore than a decade ago, there was a tourist project in Finnish Lapland with a focus on Santa Claus. The project created a Santa’s Road between the tourist destinations in the area. The projected ended many years ago. The Santa’s Road included much of E-75 that has a leg between Rovaniemi and the northern most part of Finland.

The distance from Kaamanen to Nordkapp is not long. The idea of extending the old Santa’s Road to Nordkapp from Kaamanen was conceived. In 2014, a project called Santa’s Road between Rovaniemi and Nordkapp was born.

A few years ago, I stumbled upon something by the name of the Midnight Sun Road. On a visit to the tourist information in Jokkmokk I was given a bunch of A5 sized postcards depicting this road. In 2010, the work to rejuvenate the Midnight Sun Road between Piteå and Nordkapp started.

Last summer we did the Diamonds of the Arctic Tour 2014. The purpose of the tour was to write blog post and to create film clips about what is along the Santa’s Road and the Midnight Sun Road. In addition, some Bonus Diamonds was also covered. The film clips are being edited. It was a fantastic journey. The weather was more fantastic. And the people we met most fantastic. In particular, I would like to thank Ms. Marja Jalkanen and Ms. Sanna Kärkkäinen in Rovaniemi.

The beauty is in the details. I do not want to write standard destination promotion copy. I find it more appealing to find the small diamonds, the twists and the big picture. On the tour the idea was to produce two-three blog post every day for a busy fortnight. On the first two days in Rovaniemi, we had material for at least eleven blog posts. This would be the average for the rest of the Diamonds of the Arctic Tour.

1st Leg of the Diamonds of the Arctic Tour 2014

The roadumentary of the Santa’s Road started in a highly contrasting way. On the first morning, we had scheduled a visit with Mr. Santa Claus before office hours. Santa Claus is Love. The next thing we did was to visit the cemetery of fallen German soldiers during WWII. War is hate. This is symbolic to the range of topics along the Santa’s Road.

Santa Claus

Here is a list of blog post along the Santa’s Road:

The Huts of Rovaniemi

The Three Secrets of Santa Claus

The Three Nordic Origins of the Santa We Know Today

Do You Collect Stamps? Visit Santa Claus Post Office!

Roosevelt’s cottage in War Torn Arctic

Arctic War Heroes and Traitors

The Utter Darkness near Santa Claus Village

Nine Ways to Survive in the Arctic

The Fables of Arctic Maps

The Five Arctic Circles

World Class Art on the Arctic Circle

The Things You Love – The Trees You Have

The Northernmost Golden Arches in the Arctic 

You Need a Place to Stay in Rovaniemi – The Panorama Alternative

The Nuts and Bolts of Aurora Borealis

Six Northern Lights Legends of the Arctic

We Are in the Heart of Northern Lights – We Get the Beat at the Aurora Chalet

The Greenest Mine in the World

How to Get Involved in the Greenest Mine in the World

How the Purple Diamond of the Arctic Was Created

Three Legendary Amethyst Remedies

Gallery Alariesto – The Embodiment of the Arctic Character

The Smell That Saved the Church

The Company Giving You a Fever

I Learned To Make Gin While Hiking in the President’s Park

The King of Saunas

When Trigonometry and Geometry Becomes a Destination

The 360 Degrees Sun Destination

Some Urban Indulgence in Rural Ivalo

Orthodox Brown Bears and Baby Luck

The Arctic – The Land of the Eight Seasons

Some People Build Churches, the Saami Built Drums

Rock Has Been an Important Part of Arctic Religion

Ornaments for Your Own Go(o)d

Eight Arctic Accommodation Business Principles

On the Border EVERY Customer Is an Important Customer

Arctic Cloths Talks in Volumes

What the Gunmen of the Wild West Had in Common With the Reindeer Herders

Why Saami Art Is Only Contemporary

The Sexiest Place North of the Arctic Circle

The Only Resort above the Arctic Circle Blessed by Two Popes

Migrating Arctic Birds on the Payroll

This Is What the Arctic Is All About

The White Trolls and a Bewitched Terrier

All of these blog posts are written about experiences between Rovaniemi and Nordkapp. Some of them are short detours of the main road. Others are short of correct memory, unwilling and willingly.

The second part of the Diamonds of the Arctic Tour 2014 relates to blog posts along the Midnight Sun Road between Nordkapp and Piteå. The third part are diamonds in the triangle; Luleå, Muonio and Rovaniemi.

The whole adventure is part of an ambitious mission. It encompasses political, cultural, economic, and business visions of the 21st century.

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