The Day I Met Santa Claus

Santa Claus in RovaniemiWe’re not old when we realize that Santa Claus do not really exist. We soon discover that it is just an uncle or grandpa behind the white beard. Nevertheless, even as kids some of us may play along. After all, if uncle or grandpa can have a good time while giving us these precious Christmas gifts, why not.

Many years past my childhood days, I was driving through Rovaniemi one late Summer.  After a stop at McDonalds for a Big Mac, I decided, to say hello to the Big Man himself. Everybody knows that Santa Claus lives in Rovaniemi. Specially, if you are from Norway, where they claim that the Santa is in Norway.

It is a little complicated to get out of the centre of Rovaniemi. However, I got on the right way (E75) towards Ivalo. And after 12 minutes, I was knocking on Santa’s front door. A young lady greeted me and asked me if I wanted to meet Santa Claus. A little embarrassed, I took of my cap, and stuttered “I do”.

I opened up the door to his world and there he was, Santa. A big man, indeed, he must have been at least six foot five. All dressed up in his familiar attire, he started chatting. Where are you from? He asked me. From Norway, I told him. Then he started to talk in Norwegian/Swedish. Humming, he asked me where I lived. Nordkapp, I told him. Ho-ho, I know where that is, and I have been there many times. He continued, by asking me if I had been good this year. What can you say, other than “yes”. Then I will come to Nordkapp this Christmas also, he promised.

Intrigued by Santa, I was somewhat impressed that he had such a good hold on Norwegian. I asked him, what other languages he had a grip on. Ho-ho, I know them all: Norwegian, English, German, Russian, Japanese … at least 12 languages.

I only talked with him a few minutes. But I found myself giggling for many hours afterwards. And every time I think about my meeting with Santa, I giggle. Yes, it is true – Santa Claus is real and he is everything you think he could be.

ø Question:

Have you met Santa Claus?

The Day I Met Santa Claus

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