The Original Commercial Lavvu

Johan Mikkel Bongo at Venor AS Kautokeino It has a classic shape, it is sturdy, it is easy to move, and can be seen all over the arctic area. The lavvu is the traditional tent of the Saami people. A home perfected for the old nomadic lifestyle above the Arctic Circle.

Along the Midnight Sun Road numerous lavvus can be spotted. For many travelers it has become a place to be served reindeer stew, bidos or other local dishes. Then the lavvu is big and it can host a large number of people.

Very often there is a fireplace in the middle. A group of people will find the atmosphere quite nice. I believe the round shape, where nobody is at the center of attention, makes people candid, natural and cordial.

Traditionally, the lavvu is believed to have been around for thousands of years. It was easy to bring along, when people followed in the tracks of the reindeer. It was easy to assemble and pack. And it was a good shelter, protecting people from the chilling wind and rain. The traditional lavvu culture deserves more than one blog post, and perhaps I will blog another post in the future.

At the present time the lavvu is predominantly used for recreation and as previously mentioned, for parties. In 1984, the company Venor AS was established in Kautokeino. It was a groundbreaking idea for a company.

Away with the reindeer hide, use industrial hide. Away with tree as poles, use light metal poles. The lavvu is now firmly established as a tent choice for the whole market interested in the outdoors.

Today, the company is run and owned by Mr. Johan Mikkel Bongo. Angelo and I paid him a visit, and he would share how they manufacture the lavvus. As he proudly cuts, sews and assembles the modern lavvu in front of the camera, he tells us that the largest lavvu they make can accommodate 100 persons.

Venor: It may not be the traditional lavvu, it is the original commercial lavvu.

Midnight Sun Road Kautokeino Venor

ø Question:

What is your lavvu experience?

The Original Commercial Lavvu

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