The Gas Station That Guides You in English, Bad English And All Kinds of Languages

Sven Eliasson Karesuando Bensin Midnight Sun RoadAt the very top of Sweden we meet Mr. Sven Eliasson at Karesuando Bensin. This is the place where Norwegians buy their cheap snus, sigarettes and perhaps a beer or two.

The store is famous throughout the area. It is small, it is a gas station, but they have everything… almost. It is the old saying that the customer knows best, that you should listen to your customer. Mr. Eliasson has done that and confirms that their logo or motto is “Högst upp i Sverige, Vi har allt … nästan”.

We even sell fuel, he says. Halfway on the Midnight Sun Road, the staff explains many travelers how to get to Nordkapp. We have explained it in English, bad English and all kinds of languages.

Along this border, people have throughout times been strong on languages. Meänkieli, Swedish, Finnish, and Saami are all languages in the area. To add English and other languages to the vocabulary may not be a challenge.

Since his father started the business in 1966, it has jumped from one franchise to another, finally to end up in its own franchise. In the first decade they had many people working dismantling French Peugeots discharged from the mining company LKAB in Kiruna.  Many motor parts ended up in the one or two cylinder engines thrusting the fishing boats along the Norwegian coast.

Mr. Eliasson started to work as a kid, and he loves hunting and fishing. The gas station is not only selling hunting and fishing gear. Along comes the advice of a life-long expert your outdoor outlet would find hard to duplicate.

A stop in Swedish Karesuando and Karesuando Bensin is mandatory if you are a serious vagabond.

Karesuando Bensin - Midnight Sun Road

ø Question:

Have you ever been to Karesuando Bensin, and not found what you were looking for?

The Gas Station That Guides You in English, Bad English And All Kinds of Languages

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