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Tirpitz Museum – The Story of the Beast

You’ll find Kåfjord just a few deciliters of fuel southwest of Alta. Between March 22nd 1943 and October 15th 1944 the battle ship Tirpitz anchored in Kåfjord, Altafjord. Just behind the new bridge on the picture it harbored. The ship

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Jøkelfjord – The Imperial Ice of the Arctic

Jøkelfjord is the imperial diamond of the Arctic. It seems to be an obscure fjord at 70 degrees north. Most people pass by. If you stop, you can experience something you cannot do anywhere else in Europe. The local cod

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The Most Important War Memorial in Norway Is Deliberately Made Out of Reach for Tourists

In 1950 a war memorial was blown up to pieces at Bjørnelva, Salten, Norway. Representatives of the authorities explained it this way: It is so unpleasant for tourists to see these Russian war memorials erected everywhere. Operation Asphalt (Operasjon asfalt)

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The Golf Cart Sightseeing of the Arctic Riviera – First Camp Luleå

This destination is packed of families in the summer. Luleå is not along the Midnight Sun Road that starts in Piteå and ends up in Nordkapp. However, for most long distance travelers, Luleå is a likely hub to start any

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Keeper of the Swedish Military Might

A major military power for many years Sweden got tired of warfare. It was able to remain neutral both in WWI and WWII. It hasn’t tossed its military away. It still has a strong military and Boden has been the

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The Destination of Many Kings – Boden

At Rödbergsfortet we were introduced to some of the military secrets of the Swedish armed forces. It was just one of many fortresses set up in the Boden area. At times there were thousands of men that needed normal housing. Many

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How a Cup of Coffee and a Green Buick Became a Café

Sometimes things just happen for no apparent reason. They just unfold. A visit to Ruter Retro Café was not planned. We didn’t know it existed. We had just visited Rödbergsfortet and the veteran officer “suggested” we made a stop at

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The 15 Points for Making Great Sled Dogs

Our Diamonds of the Arctic Tour 2014 was on the beginning of the end. We had driven from Boden and straight to Muonio, the second longest leg on the tour with a distance of 350 km. On our agenda were

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Why It Is Easier for a Golfer to Get an Eagle in the Arctic

Golf is one of the greatest sports in the world. It would be a fair way to conclude that the last thing a talented player should do is to move to the Arctic. What I am driving at is that

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When You Want a Temporary Home in Touristic Levi/Kittilä

We had been almost two weeks on the road. The second last night was spent in Kittilä. This was between the golf course in Levi and Kaukonen. Kaukonen was very high on our list of priorities, because of the artist

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