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Fly Polar – Helgeturer i nord!

Forsikringselskapet Polar forsikring tilbyr i sommer gjennom sitt datterselskap Fly Polar helgeturer i nord fra Bardufoss til hele Nordkalotten. Etterhvert vil selskapet fly fra andre destinasjoner også. Som kunde av Polar forsikring vil du få rabatt på turene. Her er

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Ta gjerne kontakt for å få et godt tilbud

APRILSNARR! Men, ta gjerne kontakt for å få et godt tilbud på forsikring: Ta kontakt med Tommy Fredriksen, forklar at du gikk fem på, og få en aprilsnarr-rabatt. Tlf: 992 01 715

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The Tractor Safari to Nordkapp

On May 17th 2015 Mr. Günther Ingwersen from Nordfriesland and Mr. Winfried Langner from Lauenförde in Germany doubled up to drive to Nordkapp. They are driving their individual tractor – pulling a caravan each – thousands of kilometers to the

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Tirpitz Museum – The Story of the Beast

You’ll find Kåfjord just a few deciliters of fuel southwest of Alta. Between March 22nd 1943 and October 15th 1944 the battle ship Tirpitz anchored in Kåfjord, Altafjord. Just behind the new bridge on the picture it harbored. The ship

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Arctic Fjord Road

Another roadumentary is on the way. We have documented a lot of happenings and opportunities along the roads from Rovaniemi, Finland to Nordkapp and Piteå, Sweden to Nordkapp. The third road is perhaps the longest in kilometers per latitude. The

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Jøkelfjord – The Imperial Ice of the Arctic

Jøkelfjord is the imperial diamond of the Arctic. It seems to be an obscure fjord at 70 degrees north. Most people pass by. If you stop, you can experience something you cannot do anywhere else in Europe. The local cod

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The Top Ten Arctic Airports

Millions of travelers fly to and from the airports of Arctic Europe every year. In 2014, Tromsø Langnes had most passengers with a little more than two million passengers. Closely followed by the airport in Bodø. Next on the list are

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The Most Important War Memorial in Norway Is Deliberately Made Out of Reach for Tourists

In 1950 a war memorial was blown up to pieces at Bjørnelva, Salten, Norway. Representatives of the authorities explained it this way: It is so unpleasant for tourists to see these Russian war memorials erected everywhere. Operation Asphalt (Operasjon asfalt)

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Three Special Nordic Letters – Ä, Ø and Å – Three Special Arctic Destination Endings

There are 26 letters in the English alphabet. There are three additional letters in the mainland Nordic alphabets. They come in two different versions and are all at the end of the alphabet. In Finland and Sweden it is the

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The Bonus Diamonds

There are plenty of destinations in the Arctic worthy of notability. Many of these are outside the Midnight Sun Road (Piteå – Nordkapp) and the Santa’s Road (Rovaniemi – Nordkapp). The two roads have been the primary focus of the

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