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Get a Close Look at the Royal Duck

Between February 1st and April 15th you will know be able to take close-up pictures of the rare and beautiful duck, the King Eider. In Båtsfjord, Northern Norway, you can stay in a comfortable large floating photo hide and shoot not only the royal duck but also the Steller's Eider, Common Eider and the Long-tailed Duck.

Included in the package is roaming the harbour of Båtsfjord in a rubber boat searching for pictures of the birds in flight. It will be possible to include the White-tailed Eagle in your portfolio.

In Syltefjord, the seabirds present another great photographic wildlife experience. At Syltefjordstauran you can get pictures of the Gannet, Brünnich's Guillemot, Common Guillemot, and the Razorbill.

Capture a Raptor

A brand new photo hide is ready in the winter of 2013. At this site in Vestre Jakobselv you can capture raptors such as the Northern Goshawk, White-tailed Eagle, and Golden Eagle. The Short-tailed Weasel may appear. In the other direction and when waiting for the raptors, you can zoom in on some rare small birds such as the Sibirian Tit.

In the harbour of Vadsø you can both spend some time in another new floating photo hide and a cottage to get great pictures of the large population of Steller's Eider. The floating hide is a specially constructed boat suited for wildlife photography.

Northern Lights and Arctic Light

At night it will be possible to observe the Northern LIghts and get your own pictures of this phenomenon above the Arctic Circle.

The Arctic Light is special. In the period February - April the Sun is once again above the horizon. The light waves travelling through a longer part of the atmosphere create a spectacular palette of colours in the sky.





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